Football: Pain, Injury + Performance Management: A New Secret Weapon

Football: Pain, Injury + Performance Management: A New Secret Weapon


Athletes and athlete care specialists, with week 1 of NFL training camp complete and football seasons around the corner, this week, we delve into the world of football season, schedules, and recovery, where every minute counts, and players have just five days to bounce back.

I recently binge-watched the Netflix series "Quarterback," which gives a rare peek into the lives of some of the NFL's prominent quarterbacks (QB), including Patrick Mahomes of the KC Chiefs, Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings, and Marcus Mariota of the Falcons at the time, now Philadelphia Eagles next to Jalen Hurts.

It's not news to anyone working in professional sports, but as an independent practitioner myself, helping both colleagues and athletes, I enjoy when the athletes' perspectives are highlighted for everyone because, at the end of the day, that is who we are employed by/for, and whose feedback truly matters. The series highlights many areas, including how they juggle real-life demands amid the NFL season and the holistic approaches they implement both within and outside of their regular training to keep their bodies recovering and performing efficiently.

The Constant Battle of Recovery in the NFL
Athletes candidly tell you that they probably don't feel 100% again for the rest of the season after the first day of training camp; emphasizing "you just have to strap up and keep going." It is a jolt to the zen state their bodies returned to post-season. Mind you, the QB position isn't a high-impact position compared with the other positions - it involves high repetition and high velocity movements though, and if they do get tackled, it can throw off important details that accumulate to their elite abilities. 

One of the QB's disclosed they walk off the field with sore hands, swollen bodies, and questions about how they'll perform or throw in the upcoming games, merely days away. Adding, "availability and durability are everything for quarterbacks", who drive their teams' success. Despite the challenges, 'players gonna play' - QBs and other players push through injuries that are not life-threatening or debilitating, but this sacrifice affects their execution and performance on the field.

The Healing Timeline vs. Game Schedule:
Picture this – the stages of healing are: acute to sub-acute to post-acute. But the game schedule, including travel and frequent matches, doesn't give them the luxury of reaching post-acute phases, where true healing happens; they are constantly operating in phases of acute to sub-acute healing.

As Cousins points out, "If you get hit a lot, it's going to compound over the weeks." Now consider this for high-impact positions as well. Repetitive blunt trauma compounds the injuries, leading to a decline in performance over the weeks or being sidelined, just when the stakes are getting higher, leading to playoffs and the Super Bowl.

To add to the complexity, as shown in the documentary, playing through pain can alter an athlete's decision making abilities, memory of play calls, and movement patterns, affecting their game-time performance and mechanics "When you have significant pain in your mid-section, or anywhere, it's hard to think about much else."

You will see in film how an injured player is altering their movements and bio-mechanics, in a QB position, ultimately affecting the outcome of the throw or the decisions made under pressure, in other positions, being able to execute a catch or an interception. Pain results in most people not having a clear decision-making process, including elite athletes - although some performances like Patrick Mahomes with a badly injured ankle are impressive. 

Your New Secret Weapon for Peak Performance
Now, here's where I'll do an unapologetic plug. Any intense sport in season demands extra support and care. Our product CryoTape Pro (originally requested by professional football staff after our original release) is like the MVP of healthy athlete pain management and recovery from injuries because of how our formula and the reinforced tape support work in tandem.

Timing; Maximizing The Recovery Window

Because of its advanced features, CryoTape has a nuanced approach compared to the traditional k-tapes in your kit.

Applying CryoTape Pro post-game, clean and showered, alongside other top-notch products you're already implementing post-game, such as the firefly device, is key. Implementing it overnight in the first sleep cycle post-game into recovery day will provide significant relief and support for the athlete, ultimately helping to also improve their mental state.

How? Our formula within our medical-grade adhesive provides consistent authentic pain management and supports the body's natural healing process. With appropriate tension, its flexible durability supports injured structures, helping the athlete move more comfortably and confidently work through exercises to gain and maintain the full range of motion needed for effective performance.

Game Day

The longer it has to work, support and "marinate" the area, the better. Again where CryoTape excels vs most tapes is, instead of just implementing it on game day, we recommend actually applying a new set of strips after any other manual therapy treatments the night before game day or competition. Let the tape work as your trusted manual therapy assistant through the night and through the game.

Listen, I completely understand if you are skeptical about this process and its durability, it continues to amaze me as the founder and others. Head over to our review section to read athletes' experiences and how it (to their surprise as well) positively impacted their outcomes on competition day.

Serious Ally for NFL and High Performance Sports
Confidence is everything for the athlete, if pain lingers, their movements and mental performance will remain affected. In a season where operating in the acute to sub-acute phase is consistent, CryoTape Pro helps give quiet relief, support and therefore confidence in these moments serving as a continuous and trusted ally for athletes.

Seamlessly Integrating into Cutting-Edge Player Care Initiatives
Fellow trainers and sports med staff of all leagues, it's time to join NFL colleagues and sample / add CryoTape Pro to your arsenal. This secret weapon will support your players when they need it most in the upcoming season

Please contact to inquire about samples or team pricing for the 2023/2024 season.

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