This is not medical advice, always consult with a medical professional if in doubt or concerned. Please reach out to us at info@cryotaperecovery.com if you cannot find an answer to your question. Customer relations are available Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

How long can /should I leave it on for?

Each person & scenario differs. For ingredient absorption combined with support - it is best to have it on overnight, or for a minimum of 12-24 hrs to fully reap the benefits of our formulation
For extreme levels of pain/ inflammation we would recommend if you applied the tape earlier in the day, to remove and reapply some new strips for renewed ingredient absorption overnight.
General tape wear can last as long as 3-5 days, we generally recommend removing it at around the 3-4 day mark, as the adhesive can become harder to remove after several showers and extended adherence.

Can I wear it in water?

Yes - in fact, particularly with our tape DO NOT attempt to remove when wet, because it is medical grade adhesive, infused with ingredients and it is designed to stay on when wet there is a higher chance of the material separating from the adhesive and leaving access residue. It may peel at the edges from sweat or when wet, but unless fully coming off itself, try to avoid peeling it until dried.

Why do I feel the "cooling" on some areas more than others?

The only ingredient you're going to feel in general is the Menthol. The CBD, vitamins & minerals infused work "silently".
A few reasons you may feel the Menthol on some areas more than others can be either or a combination of the following: skin receptors being more sensitive in some places, the tissue depth of an area or if you are warming up, sweating or wet, activating the menthol more.
Joint areas, as well as the neck, back and spinal areas are more sensitive and have a thinner layer of skin and less tissue to penetrate, so these areas can be more sensitive to feeling/sensation than deeper muscular areas.
Everyone's skin receptors and neural response differ slightly, but the product is working the same in all areas.

How does kinesiology tape work/ help?

In general, Kinesiology tape stabilizes the injured area by adhering to the skin and applying pressure to the tissues the tape is wrapped around.
Kinesiology tape is uniquely helpful because while providing support, it is very flexible, both in directions it can be applied and how it moves with the body so it allows the connective tissue surrounding the affected muscle or tendon to move along with the body, which can help redirect/ dissipate pain by disrupting pain pathways, and assist with drainage of inflammation on injured areas.

How does this differ from other kinesiology tape and/or brands

CryoTape was developed with specified athlete care in mind. Our Founder who has studied in the field and been committed to providing curated, progressive athletic care services long before developing this product.
As the athletic performance and recovery field has evolved with increased request for curated solutions, we decided to contribute to field progression ourselves where there was no innovation by developing our own holistic formula and product, to assist recovery, so it is a one step process, for pain relief, recovery and performance support.
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Is your CBD safe for athletes & drug tests

Please always seek a second professional opinion on this, but regarding this product, we would say yes. The CBD in this product is CBD Isolate, where THC is considered 0 one of the more refined - definitively <0.03% THC also referred to as No THC or non detectable - additionally it is trans dermal absorption (via skin) directly to areas of pain an inflammation, acting cohesively with other holistic pain relieving and restorative ingredients. There is 35mg per strip.
Our CBD extracts are grown on a North Central, Oregon farm. Oregon farms are known for supplying the purest forms of CBD. Our partners do not use pesticides or herbicides on any of our products. Organic farming practices are implemented, in order to ensure the highest quality. Product is regularly tested for exceptional purity and potency standards.