*Product Information*

Topical Ingredients:
CryoTape (Original): CBD, Menthol, +1 mineral
CryoTape Pro: Menthol, Arnica, 1 Mineral + 1 Vitamin
Please contact info@cryotaperecovery.com for ingredient information
Both tapes are latex free.
We recommend a patch test if you are unsure about sensitivity or formula and/or have never used kinesiology tape before.
Areas such as neck and back can generate more heat and leave tape more sticky to remove after long wear
Application & Removal
  • Ensure the areas of application are clean, dry and preferably hair free for an easier removal.
  • Apply at least 30 minutes before any physical activity to allow for ingredient absorption and adhesive setting for best results.
  • Tape should be applied with a minimum of 50% tension for adequate support.
  • Tip: Ends are applied with no tension. Stretch tape to 100% while anchored and lining up application, then ease off to desired tension before applying to skin
  • If needed, refer to general kinesiology tape application videos for guidance per area
  • We recommend to maintain application overnight for consistent support and ingredient absorption in recovery stasis. If you are experiencing significant joint or muscle inflammation/ pain, remove and reapply new strips as needed for support and absorption, but especially before bed
  • If you have sensitive skin, do a skin test for a day, before full application
  • DO NOT remove when wet/sweaty, or in the shower - the tape can become separated from the adhesive, the residue may remain on the skin. Wait until the tape is dry
  • It is designed to be durable and remain while sweaty & wet, sometimes there are exceptions to this & it is possible if it becomes disconnected when wet it will stick again as it dries out
  • Because of the strength of Kinesiology tape is designed to have, skin sensitivity or redness may occur upon removal, especially after several days. of wear, this should dissipate quickly.
  • We recommend a patch test if you are unsure about sensitivity or formula and have never used kinesiology tape before
  • If skin irritation or discomfort occurs, remove promptly and discontinue use immediately
  • With Menthol as an ingredient, expect to experience a cooling/ heat sensation as ingredients become activated with movement and dampening/ sweat/ shower.
  • If pregnant or nursing do not use or until you consult with your Doctor