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CryoTaping Fundamentals

CryoTaping Fundamentals

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CryoTape: Advancing Kinesiology Tape, Topical Pain Management & Athlete Availability

CryoTape stands as the game-changing approach and brand within professional sports injury kits.

In this training, you will delve into the foundational principles, methods, and applications of CryoTaping.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just starting in taping, this course will empower you to begin to optimize taping for your clients and enable you to become a listed CryoTaping location and provider. 

Course Highlights:

1. Understanding Kinesiology Taping Principles
- Explore the science and theory behind kinesiology taping.
- Learn how CryoTaping differs from traditional taping methods.

2. Application Protocols
- Understand the specific protocols for different injury stages and conditions.

4. Safety and Best Practices
- Learn safety precautions and best practices to ensure the well-being of your clients.

3. CryoTaping Techniques / Hands-On Practice

- Follow step-by-step demonstrations and practice CryoTaping under BSc. Sports Therapy guidance.

5. Implementation within Recovery Locations

- Learn when and when not to offer CryoTaping as a service.

By the end of our introductory training, you will be enabled to:

  • Be a listed CryoTaping Provider & Location
  • Customize CryoTaping protocols based on individual needs and recovery stages within your recovery practice.

Disclaimer: It is essential that all students/practitioners possess proficient knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and basic biomechanics. A solid understanding of these core concepts forms a crucial foundation for your recovery practices overall, as well as CryoTaping - leading to optimal outcomes for your clients.

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